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Stretch Break

Take a Stretch Break!
Studies show that frequent, short rest breaks help combat fatigue and discomfort and have a positive effect on productivity. Stretch Break is an innovative program that reminds you to take short stretch breaks while working at your computeróand then shows you how, using lifelike animated pictures!. Stretch Break features allow you to:

  • Select the frequency of stretch reminders.
  • Select the number of stretches at each stretch break session.
  • Choose from a variety of stretches for your neck, shoulders, hands, eyes, back, and legs.
  • Select musical accompaniment for your stretches or turn off the music, if desired.
  • Receive ergonomic tips on workstation set-up, work habits, and posture.
Print a copy of the PDF brochure, Getting Started Stretch Break (Windows Version, Mac Version), for a summary of how Stretch Break works. Note: If you have had any recent surgery, muscle or joint problems, please consult with your health care provider before beginning this stretch program.
How to download Stretch Break
What to do How to do it
Contact your departmentís IT staff for technical questions about downloading Stretch Break. Some campus departments require that IT staff install any new software for security and compatibility reasons. If this is the case in your department, please contact your IT group for assistance prior to installing the software.
Read installation instructions Download and installation instructions for Windows users (.doc)
Download and installation instructions for Mac users (.pdf)
Download and install Stretch Break Download Windows Version (not compatible with Windows 7)
Download Mac Version
Note: Pop-up blocker must be off


Contact the Administrative Systems help desk for technical questions about downloading and installing Stretch Break that cannot be resolved by your departmentís systems administrator.

To contact the AS help desk, click on the Feedback link in the upper right side of the Blu People page. On Feedback form, select Stretch Break from the Issue drop down menu and describe the problem you are having in the Summary Description box.

For other questions about Stretch Break, contact Gregory Ryan, Ergonomics@Work or 510-642-5549

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